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Terms & Condition


All online bookings are completed only when the customer has finished the entire booking process and has been issued with a booking request or confirmation and a unique booking reference. The customer is responsible for checking that all details of their booking confirmation/request are correct and are as intended. If the booking is not as intended then the customer may cancel a booking without charge providing that they inform the accommodation supplier within 30 minutes of the reservation being made.

Payment For Bookings

The customer agrees to pay the required deposit directly to the accommodation supplier using one of the payment methods that the accommodation supplier supports. If the customer opts to phone through credit/debit card details, pay by internet banking or via PayPal, then this must be done within 1 hour of the booking being made, otherwise the reservation will automatically be cancelled. If the customer opts to pay the required deposit by credit/debit card then the accommodation supplier will charge any agreed deposit or any change or cancellation charges directly to the card details supplied at time of booking. does NOT charge the customer's credit card directly or make any other booking or transaction based fee to either party. If the required deposit cannot be obtained using the card details provided by the customer then the accommodation supplier will make reasonable attempt(s) to contact the customer and may opt to cancel the booking if alternative arrangements for payment cannot be negotiated. If the customer's credit card is due to expire before the customer is due to stay then the customer must provide the accommodation supplier with their new card details when the new card is issued. The Accommodation Supplier may cancel a booking if the customer does not inform the accommodation supplier of their new card details or make alternative arrangements for guaranteeing the booking. All prices quoted are in local currency and include local sales taxes.

Changing Or Cancelling A Booking

Please contact the accommodation supplier directly if you wish to change or cancel a confirmed booking (see your confirmation for their contact details). is unable to make changes or cancellations to bookings on your behalf. If you change or cancel a booking then the accommodation supplier may make additional charges as per their policies advised at time of booking. does not make any additional charges for changing or cancelling a booking. Please note that an accommodation supplier is entitled to cancel an entire booking if you change or cancel part of a booking if the remaining booking does not meet their minimum stay policies.

Double Bookings / Cancelled Bookings

In the rare event of the accommodation supplier being unable to provide the customer with the service as booked, the accommodation supplier will inform the customer as soon as possible and make reasonable attempts to remedy the situation by seeking alternative accommodation of a similar price and quality for the customer. If no alternative accommodation is available then the booking may be cancelled and any payment made will be refunded in full by the accommodation supplier.

Travel Agents / Wholesalers

Rates displayed via this online booking service are non-commissionable unless otherwise advised.

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